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Business Phone Systems Based in Texas, Serving Texas over 30 Years.


Work Anywhere Business Phone Systems

  • Work from home solutions
  • Cloud-based phone systems 
  • On-premise phone systems
  • Edge Network on-premise SIP server phone systems
  • Nurse call systems
  • Phone, paging, and sound masking systems
  • Maintenance and remote administration services
  • Business voice and data cabling conversions for voice over IP 
  • Certified phone, data, and structured cabling solutions
  • Vendor services, contracting, and customer consulting 
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"Your 24/7 trouble-shooting support system is great. Not only did you solve my phone issues in a timely manner, you guys are very responsive in meeting my special business requests."

Our Clients Include:

  • Hospitals
  • Surgery Centers
  • Emergency Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Pharmacy
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • Car Dealerships
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Testing, Standards, and Suppliers

Our Product Suppliers

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